Take a Break in the Elementary Classrooms:

Some classrooms have started something new that follows along with PBIS that the students have learned about at the beginning of the year. It is called “Take a Break.” “Take a Break” gives students time to cool down, think about their choices, refocus, and reset.

Students are asked to “Take a Break” if they have received two reminders and are continuing to struggle with being safe, acting responsibly, respecting others, and/or working hard.

When students are asked to take a break, they sit in a space away from the group, but where they can still hear the learning taking place. Once students sit down, they set a timer that lets them know how long they have to get themselves ready to rejoin the group. In some classrooms students choose how long they need to take a break.

While students are taking a break they spend time reflecting on why they are taking a break and what they can do differently in the future. Some classrooms ask students to fill out a reflection while they are taking a break. When the timer runs out, they rejoin the group and are hopefully ready to show The Bulldog Way!

Ask your student how “Take a Break” works in their classroom.

You may want to try “Take a Break” at home if you are struggling with any behaviors with your child at home. Research shows that school-parent partnerships make a significantly positive difference for a child’s social, emotional and academic growth and development.