Enrollment Information

Welcome to Hampton-Dumont Community School District! We're excited to welcome you to our community. For more information about our school district, please review our About Us page.

Here are the different processes for enrolling a student at Hampton-Dumont:

  • Preschool

  • Online Registration (New Families/Students)

  • Online Registration (Returning Families/Students)

  • Open Enrollment

  • Home School / Dual Enrollment

For more information, please contact our District Registrar.

Contact Us

Amanda Heiden

Amanda Heiden District Registrar

e: aheiden@hdcsd.org p: 641-456-4300 f: 641-456-5750

Mikyla Rodriguez

Mikyla Rodriguez North Side Elementary

e: mrodriguez@hdcsd.org p: 641-456-4481 f: 641-456-4173

Morgan Symens

Morgan Symens South Side Elementary

e: msymens@hdcsd.org p: 641-456-2261 f: 641-456-5753

Pauline Barkema

Pauline Barkema Middle School

e: pbarkema@hdcsd.org p: 641-456-4735 f: 641-456-2023

Annie Koch

Annie Koch High School

e: ekoch@hdcsd.org p: 641-456-4893 f: 641-456-4569