Check your Schoology Group - In your class Schoology Group, you will find information about 4-year plans, Graduation, Job Shadow, ACT tests, Silver Cord, Biliteracy Seal, Scholarships, College visits, etc. We will post everything there for you.

GPA Starts NOW!! Students...remember your GPA starts as a FRESHMAN. Don't wait until junior or senior year to kick it in gear. Do your best in school for all four years! You can do it.

The 1:1 laptop initiative has many positives, and the Internet is a wonderful tool for learning. However, students still need to be cautious about what is shared via social media sites. Parents, please help to monitor what your students are doing online. Here are some helpful links.

Free ACT Practice Tests. Students...Want some extra practice for the ACT?

Seniors--Make the Most of your Senior Year. Get involved, try something you're always wanted to try and don't let the year slip away!

The Iowa Board of Regents has developed a "common application" that allows students to apply to more than one of the state's public universities. Students will be able to enter application info once and information will be shared with all three Regent universities to which the student is applying.

Scholarship Search Info: Seniors...Begin your scholarship search now by registering with an free online scholarship search engine such as FastWebPlan Your AdventureChegg or I CAN Succeed. These databases list hundreds of scholarships and give additional helpful information about saving money on college.