Laptop holding please return sign

Please make sure all technology devices are returned to school including:

  1.  Hot spot, if you were issued one, 
  2. Laptop and/or iPad, 
  3. Laptop charger and/or iPad chargers. 

Building Check-in Dates:

  • Check in for the Middle School is Friday, May 21st.  
  • Check in for High School Seniors is May 20th after their last semester test.
  • Check in Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors is May 25th and 26th after their last semester test. 
  • South Side and North Side students please remember to return the iPad charger that you were issued and iPads if you have one at home. 
  • All Distance Learners may return devices to their respective school office on the check in date posted for your school building.