Update Student Contact Information

Updating Your PowerSchool Contact Information

Hampton-Dumont and CAL are in the process of launching a new website and App that will be powered by Apptegy. To ensure you will continue to receive the school messages we need your help to confirm your contact information in PowerSchool. To receive the “General or Emergency ” messages you will need to include the relationship type. Father, mother or guardian relationship types receive general and emergency messages. Any or all of the boxes stating; emergency contact, has custody, school pickup or lives with needs to be checked. If these are NOT checked or the relationship type is not included on your profile the system will not recognize you as a recipient and you will NOT receive the messages.   

Instructions to update contact information: 

  1. Log into your PowerSchool Parent account. 

  2. Click on “Update Contacts” 

  3. For each contact select your contact type (mother, father, guardian). Check each box to select YES, for each contact, by choosing Emergency Contact, Has Custody, Lives With, or School Pickup. 

  4. Phone numbers and/or emails that are flagged with these choices will receive the school messages. 

If you need assistance please contact your child's building secretary for assistance.